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The Study Of Matter And Energy Or “Fun Physics” For Kids?

When we think of physics, we probably picture scientists working really hard on complex formulas or calculations or scribbling down notes on paper. But the subject is actually fascinating, accessible, and relevant. Whoever said that physics was only interesting to “older kids” was wrong. No way! The fundamental principles of physics will captivate young learners also. Physics; the study of matter, energy, and the interactions between both, helps us understand the laws and rules governing our physical world of ours. 

However, only some students will study physics in-depth, but still, everyone uses basic physics concepts in everyday life. Thus we have gathered a few kid-friendly physics lessons for kids that will hopefully spark a lifetime interest in the physical sciences in your kid. Kids will want to repeat these experiments over and over again since they are so much fun to do!

Some Everyday Phenomena explaining Physics

Using these five examples, students may begin to think about practical applications for physics in their daily lives.

Study of heat: Stove 

Heat is the flow of energy from a hotter to a cooler object. When you use a stove, heat is transferred from the coil, flame, or cooktop to anything you have on top of it. Following the same, the food within the pot or pan absorbs heat from the cooking vessel.

Examples of uses of heat:

  • Roasting gooey s’mores on fire
  • Taking the creases out of a shirt using an iron.
  • Drying wet garments using the hot air of a dryer

Audio/Sound –  Earphones/Headphones

The speakers of the headphones comprise tiny moving magnets, and electricity generates sound waves. When the speaker’s sound waves strike your eardrums and are processed by your brain, you experience sound, probably in the form of music. 

The sound you hear, whether coming from a person or a speaker, is a wave that travels through the air and is reflected off various surfaces before reaching your ears. It is the waves that your brain utilises to determine the source and volume of an external sound.

Some amusing illustrations of sound:

  • The distant sound of a dog barking
  • The squeaking of a door across the room.
  • A pen tapping on the desk produces sound

Gravity (Free Fall) – Ballpoint Pen

When you write with a ballpoint pen, the ball at the end of the pen rolls over the paper. 

Inside the pen, above the ball, lies the ink; as you write, the ball revolves in the ink reservoir, transferring ink from the pen to the paper. Honestly, if the ball holding the ink were removed, the ink would spill out in a puddle on the paper due to gravity pull.

Examples of gravity in daily life:

  • Once you’ve jumped over the puddle, the force of gravity will bring you back down no matter what.
  • The gravitational force keeps lake water where it should be.
  • When a footballer punts, the ball falls due to gravity and is caught by the other team.

The Takeaways

At LogicLearning we offer physics lessons for kids where students will get a chance to learn Physics from an expert in a most fun way! Physics is not a burdensome subject; it is fun and interesting, helping kids learn why the world is like this. So don’t wait anymore; pick the slot and let your kid discover the phenomenon of Physics.

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