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Yes! Our goal is for the student to do well in school, so of course, we will help your child with their school math work as well as doing our curriculum.

Yes, lots and lots of word problems. Our students enjoy word problems because we help them understand math and show them modeling techniques to make word problems fun and easy.

Yes, we assign homework after every class so students can have a chance to practice what they’ve learned. However, because our program is customized individually to every child, parents can request the amount of homework to fit their child’s schedule.

Our curriculum is better than the schools. We use methodologies from the world-renowned Singapore Math program along with the best techniques from around the world to teach your child math. At LogicLearning students become strong at math. Allowing them to excel in math and at school.

Most students will get A’s and A+’s after one year with LogicLearning, even if they are currently struggling in math. By doing work that is based on the students ability, students are able to build a strong foundation and progress quickly. This allows most students to study above their grade level after just one year.

Our private 1:1 lessons have one of the most flexible policies. Any class canceled with at least 24 hours’ notice will receive a full credit with no penalty.  *This does not apply to group lessons.

Similar to private tutoring, our teacher will be available to answer questions and go through topics as many times as it takes for your child to fully understand the curriculum. However, unlike a private tutor, our teachers have access to a full team for support, they are extensively trained, and are individually interviewed and selected. We only accept the best candidates. In addition, our program has been proven through the success of thousands of students. Because our goal is to bring quality education to as many students as possible, and because of the economy of scale, our program is also typically much more affordable.

Our company name is “LogicLearning: Math, Coding & More” because our main focus and area of expertise are on Math and Coding. We offer other subjects because our teachers often specialize in more than just math or coding.