Logic Learning


Robots are changing the world! Robots are used to perform tasks to make our lives easier. As technology is rapidly advancing, robots are being more and more present in everyday life.  Learn to design, build, and code your very own robot.  See your creation come to life.


About This Course

Our robotics curriculum begins with the fundamentals of programming a robot using a virtual microcontroller board. Students have the option of purchasing a robotics kit and using it during classes. We will cater the program to suit your needs, whether you’d like to control a physical robot or a virtual robot. Our expert instructors are ready to teach with creative projects to ensure your child is having fun.

Who can take this course?

  • A child with, or without a robotics kit.
  • A child with a love for design and creating new things.
  • A child with a desire to see their designs come to life.
  • A child interested in programming (no prior knowledge required).

What you will learn?

Robotics Syllabus

I- Introduction to Arduino:

  • Discovering Arduino
  • How to install Arduino IDE?
  • Basic Principles (Components, Digital Pins, Analog IN pins…etc.)
  • Blink a LED

II- Arduino Sketches:

  • Understand the ‘Blink a LED ‘Sketch
  • Functions of an Arduino Sketch
  • Make a loose LED Blink Brighter

III- Getting Physical with Arduino:

  • What’s a breadboard?
  • Basic electricity principles and the use of a multi-meter
  • Circuit Diagrams and their use with Arduino

IV- More Sketches (Hands-on):

  • Fading a LED
  • The Button Sketch
  • The analog IN sketch (using a temperature sensor)

V- Motion and Sound:

  • Moving a DC motor
  • Turning with precision using a Servo-Motor
  • Making electro-music using a buzzer

VI- More Sensors, More Fun:

  • Explore other projects (Depending on the student’s kit)
  • LCD screen (Build a weather station)
  • Final Project.