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Language Learning For Kids

Learning to walk & learning to talk takes time, practice and patience in children’s lives. Research says that a tot’s brain comes pre-wired to understand and learn a language; no wonder children begin to build their language skills from birth, using sounds of the speech they are exposed to! Kids are gifted to differentiate between various languages long before they can actually vocalize them! In fact, there seems to be no limit to the number of languages a young child can acquire. Begins with sounds and gestures; language learning for kids takes effort to speak words and sentences. And we at LogicLearning help children to get there!

Not only does it help in the “early learning stage” of your child, but it also supports other essential aspects of development, like, social literacy and cognitive development.

We, humans, are born to speak, full stop! Therefore one primary source for learning indeed is genetic; we have an inherent gift for figuring out the language rules used in our environment, isn’t it? Almost every child learns the rules of their language early in life without formal instruction. However, professional learning, on the other hand, is also essential in order to work on other factors in your child’s language learning skills. At LogicLearning, Children learn a specific variety of languages efficiently as we believe in:

  • Boosting literacy
  • Introducing cognitive flexibility
  • Reinforcing self-esteem & wellbeing
  • Supporting cultural identity

We offer French and Spanish language lessons for kindergarten and you can reach us for more details.