Logic Learning


Many jobs today rely on the ability of workers to solve problems using digital skills. Programming/Coding is not only mandatory in most school boards, it is also being taught to students at much younger ages.  For example, Ontario’s latest curriculum will now start teaching students coding starting from grade 1. 

About This Course

Writing code is a valuable skill that requires logical thinking, math and problem solving.  We work with your child to develop these skills while making coding fun and interactive.   We personalize our classes to match your child’s skill level and interests.

Who can take this course?

  • A child with any skill level in coding. 
  • A child with a desire to learn new things.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make games or build websites. 

What you will learn?

Coding Syllabus

Topic 1: Game Design

Students will learn how to program a game with their own characters.

Topic 2: Website Design

Students will learn how to create a personalized website.

Topic 3: Python

Python is a  high-level programming language taught throughout High School and University.  Using Python, students will learn Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Sciences.