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Chemistry is the scientific study of the properties and interactions of substances.
Everything that has matter can be broken down into chemical building blocks.

About This Course

This course will teach students the principles of chemistry and chemical reactions. By learning from an industry expert, students can expect to master and understand chemistry at a deeper level. At Logic Learning, we make learning chemistry fun and interesting. The course content will be based on the student’s knowledge level and interests. Whether looking for remedial help or advancement, we tailor the course to suit your needs.

Who can take this course ?

  • Any child yearning to join the field of science.
  • Any child who is struggling with chemistry.
  • A child who is doing well but wants to become even better in chemistry.

What you will learn ?


Topic 1: Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Topic 2: Structure of the Atom

Topic 3: Classification of Elements and the Periodic table

Topic 4: How chemicals bond and the different structures of molecules

Topic 5: The state of matter i.e., Liquids, gases, and solids