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Biology is the fundamental subject that helps us understand our world and the life in it.
Biology encompasses diverse fields, including botany, zoology, evolution, genetics,
medicine, microbiology, molecular biology and physiology.

About This Course

At Logic Learning, we set up our curriculum based on student abilities and interest. We have experts in all fields of biology, to help students develop a love of the subject and achieve their goals.

Who can take this course ?

  • Students in all levels of studies from lower grade classes to high schools to colleges and universities.
  • Any child experiencing problems understanding biology as part of their school curriculum.
  • Any child wishing to advance their knowledge and skills in biology.

What you will learn ?


Topic 1: Introduction to Biology

Topic 2: Chemistry of Life

Topic 3: Cells, Organelles, Membranes, and Cellular exchange

Topic 4: Cell energy, the Cycles, DNA, and RNA